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REWIND: Honest AF with Ebony Payne-English

July 26, 2022 Nikesha Elise Williams Season 2 Episode 28
Black & Published
REWIND: Honest AF with Ebony Payne-English
Show Notes

On this episode of Black & Published, Nikesha is speaking with author, performer, playwright, and educator Ebony Payne-English,  about her journey as a literary artist that has led her to publish a poetry collection (Secrets of Ma'at), a graphic novel (The Random Happenings), and release six studio albums. Her latest offering, Kuongoza, dropped March 28, 2021 and is available on all streaming platforms. With 17 years of professional experience from Black on Black Rhyme to HBO's Brave New Voices, Ebony, is a nationally acclaimed spoken word artist whose performance credits include the renowned Nuyorican Café in New York and ESSENCE Fest.

During the conversation, Ebony courageously discusses her devastating diagnosis with an illness that stifled her creativity for three years, how writing helped save her own life, and how Superman Returns inspired her forthcoming play The Goddess Experience. She also dishes on finding God in art and how she stands whole, complete & empowered in her gift as a spoken word artist and emcee.

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