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REWIND: Never Sitting Down with Tamika Newhouse

August 02, 2022 Nikesha Elise Williams Season 2 Episode 29
Black & Published
REWIND: Never Sitting Down with Tamika Newhouse
Show Notes

In this episode of Black & Published, Nikesha is speaking with author, Tamika Newhouse, about how she went from teen mom to CEO by the age of twenty. The author of 17 novels, including her latest romance collection, Suga Hill, Tamika Newhouse opens up about the pros and cons of the publishing industry, her battle with mental illness and depression while fulfilling her dreams, and making sure Black women take agency over their own sexuality by creating characters who aren't afraid to ask, get, or even take exactly what they want.

Tamika  explains why she believes consistency is the  key to making it in publishing after self-publishing her first book in 2009 only to land a major deal through her hard work and tenacity. She also drops gems throughout the episode such as, "Your publisher is not your friend," when talking about the industry and, "I don't believe in monogamy, I believe in loyalty . . . or discipline," when waxing on dating and relationships.

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