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REWIND: Finding Soft Places to Land with Jessica Lynn

August 09, 2022 Season 2 Episode 30
Black & Published
REWIND: Finding Soft Places to Land with Jessica Lynn
Show Notes

On this episode of Black & Published, Nikesha is speaking with author and poet Jessica Lynn about her novel, Kissing Frogs: The Thirteenth. A proud graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University and an educator for over 10 years, Jessica Lynn used her experiences, the experiences of friends, and others to craft a literary drama that takes readers to the ancestral realm, on thrilling adventures, and sexy exploits to interrogate what it means to love, lose, and love all over again.

During the conversation, Jessica discusses how she wrote a happy ending for her characters even though she was experiencing devastating lows in life. She also explains why she grounds the good and bad decisions of her characters in the reality that as people we may know better, but we don't always do better when it comes to matters of the heart, forging friendships, and fixing familial bonds.

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