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REWIND: Own Your Power with Jenee Darden

August 16, 2022 Season 2 Episode 31
Black & Published
REWIND: Own Your Power with Jenee Darden
Show Notes

On this episode of Black & Published, Nikesha is speaking with  poet, essayist, and journalist Jeneé Darden about her book, When a Purple Rose Blooms. An Oakland native, Jeneé holds a BA in ethnic studies from UC San Diego and a masters's degree in journalism from the University of Southern California. She has reported for NPR, Time magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Ebony and more. The National Book Foundation awarded Jeneé a summer writing fellowship in 2003 and her award-winning short documentary, Where is East Oakland?  was screened at the Oakland International Film Festival.

Jeneé is passionate about African-American erotic art and mental health awareness. In this conversation she discusses growing up with insecurities, her struggle to love herself, honoring the power in the feminine, and the trauma she endured during and after the O.J. Simpson trial and how it all fuels her work today.

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