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REWIND: Burning Bridges with Georgia Dawkins

August 23, 2022 Nikesha Elise Williams Season 2 Episode 32
Black & Published
REWIND: Burning Bridges with Georgia Dawkins
Show Notes

On this episode of Black & Published, Nikesha is speaking with author, Georgia Dawkins,  about her memoir, Everybody Knows: The Power of Being in Position. Georgia is The Purpose Producer. From ABC’s Good Morning America to Will Packer’s Central Ave, Georgia has worked within a multitude of television genres including local news, network news, talk shows, reality television, and entertainment news. In 2018 she published Everybody Knows while at the same time launching Georgia Dawkins Media to cement herself as a young media tycoon in the making. 

During the conversation, Georgia and Nikesha discuss how they came to their respective media careers--which is where their paths first crossed some 10 years ago--and why they left. Georgia also shares why she can't help but tell the truth, how she can't help but to seek bigger for herself after years of playing small, and why it's sometimes necessary to burn bridges in your life in the name of self-preservation. 

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