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Morally Gray Characters with Janay Harden

January 31, 2023 Nikesha Elise Williams / Janay Harden Season 3 Episode 19
Black & Published
Morally Gray Characters with Janay Harden
Show Notes

This week on Black and Published, Nikesha speaks with Janay Harden, author of the novel Forty-Two Minutes. As a licensed clinical social worker, Janay works as a mental health therapist.  She is the CEO of Restoring Your Destiny Counseling and Consulting and has over ten years of experience working in the mental health field with children, families, and schools. She's translated her background in mental health into accessible stories for children and teens. 

In our conversation, Janay discusses why she wants to be known as the storytelling therapist, the generational inheritances she believes keeps people in a chokehold, and how she finally got the guts to ignite her writing career in the middle of the COVID pandemic. 

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